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is basically old news !

Photos of years past -  KSD  

Photos of Band, Orff, Recorder classes at Music Festival 2014 04 
2016 06 06 photos of SBMS Band Concert
2016 04 12 Music Festival Speech, Band, Guitar photos
2016 06 15 MBCI Band Concert photos 
2016 Art
2016 How the Grinch
stole Christmas
2017 Hallowe'en
Drama MBCI
2017 05 Daze
of olde drama
2017 Winter
concert & Art
2017 12 20 Scott
Bateman concert
2018 06 14 
MBCI Spring Concert

In 2013 The Music Festival added a Visual art component which has not been repeated. Here is a view of the art work from young students. 

The Pas Arts Council annual reports

Our meetings are open to the public as is our annual report about all that The Arts Council does. 
(Look to the bottom of the screen)

The Pas Music Club archives of past recital photos , programs and news articles can be found at the bottom of the Music Club page. 

(Look for this document at the bottom of your screen)

The Fiddle Faddlers performed as a group for about 5 years. Here is the last performance with Carol Boyes, accompanist, before she passed away.

Ron Scott gave a Celtic workshop to interested musicians. (April 2013) 

For a short time we had Classical Home Routes performers coming to town.  

How many of these performances did you attend?  Click and look to the bottom of your screen)

These beaded vamps were made locally and joined hundreds of others to support the movement to find lost and murdered indigenous woman.  We expect the entire display to visit The Pas in the Future. 

Another chance to check out the quilts on display in 2013.

We tried this event a couple of times but it has not stayed on our agenda.

Prior Aurora concerts

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